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Help me to check a person

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  • Help me to check a person

    Anyone can tell me how can I check if person is really the one who says to be.
    Soon I'll take a meeting with an Adviser to the Chairman of a Russian Bank, and before this I need to know if this person really is a employed of those bank.
    Please help me telling me where I can check it via internet, due I'm in South America.


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    I don't quite get the idea of your question. Is it really hard to ask the guy himself to confirm to you who he is? Are you shy or something? Anyway, there are different ways to check if the guy is really who he says he is. If there is a serious business proposed by that guy, he should be open enough to get the information that you request. Tell him the truth: "I don't know you man! I need this and that from you to carry on the negotiations." And there sould be no objections, it's quite an understandable situation.
    You can check it on a bank's web-site if the bank is large enough to have its own web-site Some banks (most of them) include the data on their top managers to the "contact information" page of their site.
    Or you can take a look at the bank's latest annual report. Ask the guy to get a copy for your. Both the web-page and the annual report of an any somewhen serious bank come in both English and Russian. Well, a web-site does not always come in English, but the annual report should be. If the bank wants to deal with somebody from the "South America".
    Or you can call the bank and ask the secretary to put you through to Mr. Whatshisname.
    Or you can simply publish the name in here, perhaps somebody works for that particular bank or knows somebody from that bank or maybe the guy you are asking about is the "publicly known person".
    If I were you I'd remember that "if there is any dobut, there is no dobut."


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      thank you for the sugestion, but I need some concret information, of course not by himself( he isn't here yet), but by thirth person, in this question the name of this man is Alexander Suetin, and he says he is an Adviser to the Chairman of Sudkombank.
      If anyone can help me to confirm that, please tell me.

      Thanks again.


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        2jesegurak : call (095) 207-91-26, (095) 207-91-70, (095) 231-43-15 (and see http://www.translate.ru/url/tran_url...6&psubmit2.y=9 about Sudkombank).
        Последний раз редактировалось Александр_Турчин; 14.03.2005, 11:38.
        WBR, Александр Турчин


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          there is only russian language web-site of this bank: http://www.sudcombank.ru and there is no alexander svetin listed...
          but i have just called there and secretary said that there is such employee and tried to contact me with him but failed due to he was out of his room.
          good luck!


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            it depends on position which he/she occupies
            top manegers are listed here
            www.cbr.ru - справочник по кредитным организациям
            secondly you can visit the bank's site and find out contact phone and ring and ask
            С уважением, Alik


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              Many thanks to all, I just have a confirmation about this man.
              Many thanks again, for your help!


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