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Уровень з/п
39000 руб.
45 лет
Уровень в штатном расписании
  • Руководитель подразделения

Образование: Высшее

Профессиональные качества и умения

Work experience: 20/03/06-31/12/06- Head Accountant in KPMG, KR, Bishkek

17/08/05-20/03/06 - Head Accountant in AIDS Foundation East West in KR, Bishkek

09/01/04-19/08/05 - Head accountant in Eurasia Foundation, Osh city,Kyrgyz Republic
/ from 09/01/04-19/08/05- Accounting Lecturer at Osh State University
“Business & management” Department

10/09/03- 09/01/04 – Accountant/Office Manager/Grant Manager Assistant in Eurasia Foundation in Osh city, Kyrgyz Republic

09/15/02 –09/10/03 – Head Accountant in Aga-Khan Education Service in KR

07/18/02-09/15/02 – Kamila Uldashevas audit firm – Auditor’s Assistant

03/15/01-04/17/02 – Loan Officer in a credit program of Mercy Corps

08/01/00-03/15/01- Head Cashier, Value Accountant in a Osh branch of JS “Ecobank”

January-April 2000- 3-th mouth contact with NGO “Ak-Maral” of “Mercy Corps”)-Trainer of economics

05/08/98-12/31/99 – Loan Expert in FCPRKS of NBKR(Financial Company of credit union under National Bank of Kyrgyz Republic)

06/01/97-05/08/98- Accountant in a Osh Region Social Fund (Osh Region Center of pension payment )
October – July 1996 – Manager of secret department of Osh State Administration
July 1996- August 1995 – Teacher of Russian languages & literature, history in Osh school #4

Education:1999-1996 – KSNU faculty of economy
Concentration: “Finance & Credit ” A-diploma
1995-1990 – Osh State University – Department of Philology

Language skills:Russian, English, Kyrgyz, Uzbek

Certificate:• CAP certificate
• CAA & Pragma - Tax and Law- take an exam
• CAA & Pragma – Financial account 1 - take an exam
• CAA & Pragma – Managemnt account 1 - take an exam
• Microfinance Center, Poland
There trainings are provided by PRAGMA corporation with the support of USAID for grate CAP
• Training’s of a accountant & loan from NBKR

Works skills: Chief Accountant:

• Daily accounting operations: managing account documentations, work with the bank, cash on the 1-C basic program
• Preparation of monthly account reports on the 1-C basis bookkeeping program
• Managerial planning
• Making up budget and analysis of its execution by donors, and for internal use
• SUN reports for head office & donors
• Bookkeeping of salaries, taxes and deduction to Social Fund KR, accounts
• Financial analysis of position of company/business
• International accounting standards
• Management of documentation & staff work recording USAID procedures,
• Controlling fuel expenses, drives logs etc, office supplies, contracts accounting
• Cash flow
• Managerial planning
• Analysis of progress and implementation of plans
• Analysis of commodity leftovers in the warehouse
• Profit calculation in self-management units
• Stimulation of the economical activity of the units based on the calculation
• Grant making services: grant budget making, checking of grantee financial reports,etc.
• Successful Passing the Inspections of Tax Polic
• Knowledge of legislation of KR

Bank specialist:
• Loans for small and medium business-3 years experience
• Biggest loan portfolio, 100 %
• Operations in value market
• Controlling of bank cash
• Bank value accountant

Computer skills: •1-C Account – 4 years work experience
• Microsoft Office-Word, Excel, Outlook, Internet, Internet banking, e-mail, Z plus, Bank daily account program)

• Work Experience with Office equipment – Xerox, Scanner, Fax, Printer

• Office-managers skills

Other information: • The member of a Kyrgyzstan Association Accountants & Auditors.

Personal character :• Professional attitude to work, honesty
• Team player

Interests:• Positive philosophy literature

Marital status:• Married, have a son