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Career objective

After graduation from Helsinki School of Economic (HSE), my plans are to find a job or internship within a financial sector. My desires are to gain experience in branch banking, installment lending, commercial lending, and credit analysis. I am seeking experience in global banking as career advances. But at the same time, I would like to get a Master degree in Finance in future which would enable me to be more successful in financial sector.


Helsinki School of Economics (HSE), start 09/2005- expected to end 10/2006.
Major: International Business, Minor: Finance. GPA 3.7 (84 out of 100)
The Bachelor of Science in Economics and Business Administration (BScBA) is designed to produce graduates who are successful in international business. This is a unique program that is taught only in English. All professors that we have had are from best schools all over the world. Most of them are from the USA. Most of the professors have been using team-work and case-study as teaching methods very frequently which enable us to study more efficiently.
DePaul University.Chicago start 06/2006-end 08/2006, GPA 3.93
As a part of the Bachelor program at HSE I had an opportunity to go abroad to study as an exchange student. I went to DePaul University, Chicago. Courses that I took at DePaul were Financial Management 2, International Finance, Money and Banking and Financial Statement and Security Analysis.

Mikkeli Vocational College, start 08/2002 end 06/2004
Business and Administration, Merkonomi, GPA 4,019 from 5
At Vocational College I got familiar with Finnish accounting system, budgeting, wage calculation system, process of making business plan. This program was taught in Finnish.

Work experience

Savcor Art, Russian export manager’s assistant, start 10/03 end 01/04; start 04/03 end 06/03

I was taking part in Russia oriented export project. Savcor Art has been implementing GAS Prom’s order for a “Blue Stream” project. My responsibilities were taking cake of all kind of documentation for the main project’s product including marketing brochures. In addition, I participated in meeting with suppliers and in delivery of final project’s product to the client.

I also had all kind of jobs in Moscow. I worked for Construction Company as a builder, for a Finnish Parastec Beton company as a messenger. I had a really interesting job at Forex Club as a trader where I was dealing with foreign currencies. And I worked as a mailman for a few years while I was studying at school.

Russian (native), Finnish-good, English-good