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Приглашаем всех желающих на конференцию Bankir.ru о проблемах взаимодействия банков и МСБ

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    Представляю всем для рассмотрения (опытным банкирам) и ознакомления (неопытным пользователям) текст "трансферабельной гарантии"

    Prime Bank Guarantee
    Financial Instrument Specimen Text

    (To be issued, endorsed & confirmed by a top 25 Prime World Bank and transmitted via SWIFT or KTT to designated bank.)

    Bank Guarantee Number :
    Issued By :
    Date Of Issue :
    Date Of Maturity :
    Date of Expiration :
    Beneficiary :
    Applicant :

    For value received, we [name of bank and address] hereby irrevocably and unconditionally without protest or notification, guarantee to pay against this Prime Bank Guarantee, which is transferable, divisible, assignable, and confirmed by a Prime World Bank, to the order of [beneficiary] the bearer or holder thereof at maturity the sum of USD$ [in numerals] [in words] United States Dollars against surrender of this Guarantee at the office of [bank name and coordinates].

    Payment shall be made without set off, free and clear of any deductions, charges, fees or witholdings of any nature presently or in the future imposed, levied, collected, withheld or assessed by the government of Canada, United States of America, Switzerland or any political subdivision or authority thereof or therein.

    Payment is available upon beneficiary’s first written demand (via TESTED TELEX) to be received not later than 15 days from the date of maturity.

    We herein engage you that the demand drawn under and in compliance with the terms of this Prime Bank Guarantee shall be duly honored upon due presentation to us but not before the maturity date, at address of endorsing and confirming bank, except otherwise expressly stated herein and furthermore to the Uniform Customs and Practices for Documentary Credits (1994 revision) ICC, Publication 500.

    This TELEX is the operative instrument and no mail confirmation will follow.

    All charges are for the account of the Applicant.

    By: __________________________ By: ___________________________
    Authorized Signatory Title Authorized Signatory Title

    All signatures must be duly authenticated and relevant signatore power duly confirmed by issuing signatory banks. Guarantee must be domiciled for payment with the issuing bank.

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