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Как защитить посредника по экспортному контракту

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  • Как защитить посредника по экспортному контракту

    Уважаемые господа!
    У меня такая проблема.
    Я выступаю посредником между покупателем и продацом. У каждой из сторон есть свои представители, которые также работают на комисии. Фактически 3 посредника. Работаем по банковской гарантии. Как юридически правильно оформить отношения чтобы не одна из сторон не кинула меня.
    И как лучше обойти ВК в этой сделки по получении комиссии.

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    Заключить агентское соглашение с Покупателем или Продавцом.


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      Если будет документ FPA - он гарантирует выплату комиссионных?


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        Во-первых - что такое FPA?


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          Документ дословно звучит так: "Irrevocable master fee protection/indemnity payment and NCND agreement" или IRREVOCABLE PAYMENT ORDER


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            Думаю, что да. Смотря что там написано.


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              Irrevocable Fee Payment Agreement (IFPA) with NCND Clause
              (IFPA By Seller / Buyer)

              Beneficiary : Mr. Muhiddin Cetintepe
              1. We, (company name), under penalty of perjury and full corporate responsibility, so deem this is a legal and binding Irrevocable Fee Payment Agreement for services rendered in brokerage for selling / purchasing of the product (stated in clause 2 below), and pursuant to a successful transaction between the Buyer and the Seller (stated in clause 2 below), will disburse the fee (stated in clause 2 below) upon each and every transaction settlement thereof within five (5) banking / working days upon payment / product is received from the Buyer / Seller.
              2. Product :
              Quantity :
              Fee Payable :
              3. The fee shall be paid via direct S.W.I.F.T. transfer, to the beneficiary banking account, namely :
              Beneficiary : Mr. Muhiddin Cetintepe
              Bank Name :
              Bank Address :
              Account No. :
              Routing Code :
              Swift Code :
              4. We, or our assigns, further irrevocably undertake to make the payment in full to the above stated sole Beneficiary.
              5. Fee will be transmitted out of the payer's bank free of all charges, liens, taxes or encumbrance of any kind charges that effect the transfer of said funds to the above named Beneficiary and / or assigns for the above referenced codes.
              6. This document embodies all the terms and condition agreed upon between the parties hereto and supersedes and cancels in all respects all previous representation warranties, promises, agreements and undertakings (if any) between the parties hereto whether such be written or oral and no amendment or other variation of this document shall be binding unless the same is duly effected by an instrument in writing signed by both the parties hereto.
              7. PDF/JPG version or Fax copy or hard copy of this agreement is considered and deemed as original, valid, legally binding and enforceable to all parties hereto.
              8. This Pay Order is irrevocable and shall be governed by Turkish law. All possible disputes between parties in this particular Irrevocable Fee Protection Agreement will be settled at the tribunals in Turkey, in the event of dispute, the arbitration laws of International Chamber of Commerce will apply.
              All parties hereto agree not to circumvent any or the parties in this transaction or any future transactions for a period of (5) five years from the date of the last tranche under the above mentioned transaction, and shall apply to any following transaction or new agreement between the parties.
              Agreed and accepted, on Date : (Day, Month, Year)
              By Seller / Buyer :
              Sign :
              Company Name :
              Position :
              Seal :
              Agreed and accepted, on Date : (Day, Month, Year)
              By Beneficiary : Mr. Muhiddin Cetintepe
              Sign :
              Company Name : Enerjik International Trade & Consulting
              Position : CEO & GM
              Seal :


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